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Easily Create, Edit, Convert, Sign, OCR PDF Files. Change the Way You Work with PDF

  • A set of full featured PDF editing functions, such as edit, crop, insert, watermark, etc.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, RTF and image files.
  • Create a 100% Adobe-compatible PDF from 300+ file formats including word, Excel, PPT, HTML.etc.
  • Powerful PDF form templates and editing function.
  • Protect Your PDF with password access and permission control policy.
  • Sign PDF with custom signatures with industry-standard encrypted digital signatures.
  • Transform scanned PDF document into usable text with top-of-the-line OCR technology.New
Support: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8
User Guide: How to Use PDF Editor to Covert/Create/Edit PDF Files

Part 1: How to Edit PDF Files

PDF Editor enables you to add or edit text, image, bookmarks and links. For text editing, you can select a paragraph or a text line to edit as you like. To check the details, you can click any of the following links to learn more.

Tips 1 Edit PDF Text

Step 1: In the top Toolbar, click the Add Text icon under the Edit menu.

Step 2: To correct content for lines of text, you can click on the line for modification. This can help you correct certain lines of text without changing the format of the whole paragraph.

Step 3: To correct content for lines of text, you can click on the Select lines only option and choose specific lines for modification. This can help you correct certain lines of text without changing the format of the whole paragraph.

Step 4: Click on the Close Edit Text & Image button to exit the editing mode.

Note: If you find text and image cannot be selected or edited, you may need to check it is a scanned PDF. If yes, you will need to OCR the PDF file first to make it selectable and editable. When you open a scanned PDF, a notice will show you in the Information Bar to remind you of performing OCR. Click the Perform OCR button on the Information Bar or click the OCR button on the top Toolbar to perform OCR for the whole PDF file. After some minutes, the scanned PDF pages can be edited as you need.


Tips 2 Edit Image

Step 1: To edit image, you can drag it to certain location as you want. And you can resize the image by clicking the blue handles on the edge and dragging to the size you want. To delete the image, you can click on it, press Delete key on your keyboard.

Step 2: If you want to replace, extract or crop the image in the PDF page, double-click the image and you will see an image editing window showing up. Choose the options that you need, say, Replace, and then select the image from files in computer to replace the existing one.

Step 3: You can click the Close Edit Text & Image button to finish image modification.


Tips 3 Add Bookmark

Step 1: Move to specific page that you would like to add a bookmark to it.

Step 2: Right-click on the page and select the Add Bookmark option from the drop-down menu. Then you will see a newly created bookmark displayed under the Bookmarks Pane in the left Navigation Panes. Give it a name as you want. If you want to add a new bookmark under this one, just right-click on it and select Add Child to create one.

Step 3: Step 3: For document with numerous PDF pages, it’s very likely that you need to create lots of bookmarks for parts or chapters respectively. Let’s say, several bookmarks might be created for one chapter. To organize them, you can right-click on the bookmarks and choose Promote or Demote to create the bookmark hierarchy for one part or ch apter. You can also drag the bookmark to certain hierarchy for quick operation.

Step 4: To view the bookmarks, you can right-click them and choose Expand(Collapse) Top-Level Bookmarks from the drop-down menu to check the hierarchical list as you desire. And you can select Delete Bookmarks if you wish to remove a bookmark.



Part 2: How to Convert PDF to Other File Types

PDF Editor is able to convert PDF files to a lot of other file formats, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and image files. I am here to show you how to convert PDF to Word as an example.



1. Click the Convert button on the upper right of this PDF editor.

2. Click Add Files to add needed files, you can add multiply files to convert to Word at one time.If you want to remove any file, just right click the file and choose Remove or simply choose Clear All to remove all of the added files.

3. Enable the OCR feature and tick the check box if your PDF is a scanned PDF file, it will automatically perform the OCR feature and then convert it to Word.

4. Click the dropdown menu and choose the output format (.doc or .docx).

5. Click the dropdown arrow and select the pages you would like to convert.


6. Click Convert button, choose the output folder and click Save, then PDFelement would start the converting process, and it would be ready in a few seconds.


Part 3: How to Create PDF from Other Documents

PDF Editor is not just for PDF reading, it can also help create PDF files. Generally speaking ,if you can open the file, you can make it a PDF. Compatible with over 300 formats, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and image files, the files created by PDF Editor are 100% accessible with Adobe Reader, Acrobat, and other PDF readers.


1. Click File -> Create ->Create from File… or simply use the combo Command+N.

2. Navigate the file you would like to create to PDF in the popup window and click Open.

3. Make any edits there after it loaded into PDFelement.

4. Click File -> Save As or use the combo Shift+Command+S, rename the file and choose the output folder as you like.

5. Click Save to save the PDF.



Part 4: How to Add Password to Your PDF Files

Step 1 Navigate to PDF form rools Panel

Click View>Tools Panel to activate the tools pane. It's on the right side of PDFelement main window. In the tools pane, you will see a Protection option, click it to expand the tools.


Step 2 Encrypt PDF with password

Then click Encrypt with Password, in the pop up Security Settings window, you can choose a security method.



Step 3 Add document open password

Tick to check 'Require a password to pen the document' option, then type your password twice to confirm it. Please note, you must remember this password, there is no way to recover the password or open the document if you forget it.



Step 4 Click OK button to set the password

And finally don't forget to save the document.



Part 5: How to Add Custom Form to PDF

Comparing with creating a blank PDF forms, it's much easier to create PDF forms from PDF form templates.

Step 1 Open PDF Editor

Click File>Create>PDF from file… button. Then choose your PDF form templates. Or right-click on the PDF form file to select Open With>PDFelement option to open it with PDFelement.

Step 2 Edit the Form Elements.

Click the Form menu in the Toolbar, all the form element will become editable. Right-click on the form field, you can make edit, delete, rearrange, align, etc operations to edit the PDF form elements. You can check the form order by clicking the Show Tab Numbers option under the Edit Fields in the Tools Panel.

Step 3 Add PDF form Elements

Click any one element you want to add into the PDF file, then place it to where you want to add in the document. Repeat this step to add all the elements you want.

Step 4 Save the File

Click File>Save(Or Save As) button or just click Command+S on keyboard to save the file at any time.



Part 6: How to Add Signature to PDF

Signature would be very powerful to help you sign a specific file and show your approval. You can both add signature to the PDF file by either typing text or drawing. The steps of adding signature are presented as below.

Step 1

In the Markup menu, click the Stamps option. You will see the Stamp Management window showing up.

Step 2

Click the Plus icon at the lower right of the window, you can choose either Type a new stamp or Draw a new stamp to add your name as the signature. Enter your signature or draw your signature, then name it and choose a stamp category you want to put the signature in.

Step 3

You can decide the Font, Color, Typeface or Opacity for it. Click Done to save it and then put on your PDF page.

Step 4

Next time when you click the Stamps option and go to the Stamp Management window, you will find your newly created signature under the category you have pre-selected.





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