iTunes Password Recovery V7.0.0.1

Decrypt iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup Password Easily and Quickly! Enable access to iTunes backup file.

  • Easy to recover lost or forgotten password of encrypted iTunes backup
  • Be compatible with all versions of iTunes, including iTunes 11.4.
  • Provide four powerful password attack types: Brute-Force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart.
  • Decrypt iTunes backup password for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices。
  • GPU Acceleration Boosts Recovery by 30X Faster.
  • Suppot multi-core CPU and GPU.New


Support: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 or later

Guide: How to Use iTunes Password Recovery to Recover Backup Password?


iMoresoft iTunes Backup Recovery is a powerful password recovery tool, providing three password attack methods to find lost or forgotten iTunes backup password for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. Download its free demo version and refer to the following steps to have a try.



Step 1. Click “Open” button, and the iTunes backup on your computer will be listed automatically.



Step 2. Choose the iTunes backup and click OK. 


iTunes Password Recovery would automatically browse iTunes backup file on computer and show it out. It is usually located here:




Step 3.  Select one of password attack types and set it.


Brute-Force Attack: Choose it when you don't know anything about iTunes backup password. This type of attack will try all possible characters combinations in specified Range. The password recovery engine is highly optimized, thus short password can be recovered immediately. Set the range and length.


Mask: Choose it when you have changed encrypted iTunes backup file password but still remember part of it. Set the range, length and Mask.

Dictionary Attack. Recover backup password by browsing and comparing passwords in built-in dictionary or another dictionary you choose. This method maybe the fastest way if your password is a keyword. Set the dictionary path or default.


Smart Attack. This attack is automatic and smart. It will try all possible characters combinations include all printable characters.



Step 4.  Start to recover your iTunes backup password now.


Click Start button, and iTunes Password Genius will retrieve iTunes backup file password with password attack type you choose. So appropriate type and settings would save backup password recovery time. Until following window pops up, iTunes backup password has been recovered. And then you can use it to unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod backup.




You can download the program to try to recover your backup password by yourself.


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